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Review procedure for articles submitted to FAP:

Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2011), each article submitted to FAP is evaluated by two anonymous reviewers from outside the Archaeological Museum in Poznań in the double-blind review process. The reviewing method is compliant with the basic principles recommended by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (

Questions included in the review form:

Does the subject matter of the article correspond to the FAP’s profile?
Does the paper bring new content?
Does the title reflect the content of the article?
Is the structure of the article readable and conforms to the generally accepted standards? 
Are the methods used in the research modern and clearly presented?
Are the interpretations and conclusions supported by the content presented in the study?
Are all illustrations and tables necessary in terms of content, properly designed and with sufficient graphics quality?
Is the summary concise enough? Does it reflect the content of the work?
Are the citations from the relevant literature correct? Do they correspond with the current state of knowledge?
Should some parts of the work be shortened or extended?
Are language corrections required?

The review ends with one of the following decisions:
Accept with minor corrections
Accept after major corrections 
Revise and resubmit
Reject the article