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The Archaeological Museum in Poznań, established over 160 years ago, has already grown into a landscape of cultural institutions of the city of Poznań. It is home to a famous obelisk of Ramesses II, a rare sight in this part of Europe, original Egyptian artefacts, intriguing oxen from Bytyń, and many other noteworthy objects.


The Museum’s research activity focuses on Greater Poland and Africa. We also investigate  the archaeology of Poznań, initiating and participating in many projects vital for the studies on the early city’s history.


We are a museum institution oriented towards a wide and demanding audience. We promote the accomplishments of archaeology and popularise knowledge about the past. This is precisely the role of our exhibitions, which attract many visitors with captivating topics and innovative design.


The Archaeological Museum in Poznań is a Municipal Institution of Culture financed by the City of Poznań.